ABS for Arnhem 2012 scenarios

Last updated: June 23, 2012

How to use the Australian Balancing System (ABS)?
For the Arnhem tournament we use the ABS as printed in Action Pack 8.

With the ABS, each scenario has four levels of bidding for each side, 0-3, providing each player with 8 bidding options. Level 0 is the side as given with no changes. Using the ABS, each player secretly bids on which side and at what handicap level they wish to play. The higher the bid, the greater the handicap. Bids are resolved as follows:
1) If players bid different sides, each plays the side and the handicap level bid.
2) If both players bid the same side, the player bidding the higher handicap level plays the side and level bid, and the other player playts the other side at handicap level 0.
3) If players bid the same side and handicap level, low DR plays the side and level bid; high DR plays the other side at level 0.

Arnhem 2012 ABS

Round 1 - Race to the Rhein

AP71 Head in the Noose
G3 = G2 & The German player must choose one Group less than the American Player (see SSR 2)
G2 = G1 & Exchange the three American 5-4-6s with three 6-6-6s
G1 = Exchange the German 9-1 leader with one 7-0 leader

A1 = Exchange two of the German (Turn 1) 4-4-7s with 5-4-8s
A2 = A1 & Add one 2-3-8 and one dm MMG to the German Turn 1 OB
A3 = A2 & In SSR 2 the German player may choose one extra Group.

J121 Schloss Hemingstein
À3 = A2 & In the VC change the required CVP to <= 21 CVP
A2 = A1 & Two SS MMC are Fanatic
A1 =
Delete one American 6-6-6 squad

G1 = Add an American 8-0 leader to the American OB
G2 = G1 & Delete SSR 3
G3 = G2 & The German player only has 12 Mine factors instead of 24

WO4 I Don't Like Retreating
G3 = G2 & Remove the JgdPv IV from the German OB
G2 = G1 & Add one 3-3-7 and one Baz '44 to American OB
G1 = The American Player may designate three squads as Assault Engineers (H1.22)

A1 = Exchange the German 7-0 leader with one 9-1 leader
A2 = A1 & Exchange three German 4-6-7s with three 4-6-8s
A3 = A2 & In the VC change the required buildings for the German to => 8

Round 2 - AFVs in the Pacific

J84 Mai Phu
F3 = F2 & Delete one 2-2-8 and the AT Gun from the French OB
F2 = F1 & Exchange three more Japanese 4-4-7s for three 4-4-8s and add one DC to the Japanese OB
F1 = Exchange three Japanese 4-4-7s for three 4-4-8s

J1 = Change SSR #2 to allow HIP for <= 2 squad equivalents
J2 = J1 & Add one 2-4-8 HS, one 1-2-7 crew, and an ATR to the French at-start OB
J3 = J2 & French reinforcements enter on turn two

J84 Makin Taken
A3 = A2 & In the VC, change “14 CVP” to “12 CVP”
A2 = A1 & Add one 4-4-8 to Japanese OB
A1 = Add 6 ‘?’ counters to Japanese OB

J1 = In the VC, change "14 CVP" to "18 CVP"
J2 = J1 & Replace the Japanese 10-1 with one 9-0 and boresighting is NA
J3 = J2 & Remove the HMG from the Japanese OB

BFP51 Kwajalein Crush

A3 = A2 & Delete the FT and one DC from the American OB
A2 = A1 & Exchange the American 9-2 leader with an 8-1 leader and delete one 6-6-6 squad from the American OB
A1 =
SSR 4 is NA

J1 = Boresighting is NA
J2 = J1 & Delete one Japanese 4-4-7 squad from the at-start OB
J3 = J2 &
Delete the DC and one MMG from the Japanese OB

Round 3 - Land Lease Equipment

FrF50 Pavlov’s Dogs
R3 = R2 & In the VC, change “=> 28 Building VP” with “=> 24 Building VP”
R2 = R1 & Exchange the German 8-1 for one 9-2 in the Turn 1 reinforcements
R1 = Delete one 4-4-7 from the Russian OB

G1 = Delete one 4-6-7 from the German turn 1 reinforcements
G2 = G1 & Battle Harden three Russian squads from the Russian at start OB
G3 = G2 & In the VC, change “=> 28 Building VP” with “=> 32 Building VP”

ASLUG1 Beyond the Pakfronts
R3 = R2 & Replace one of the German 8-1 Amor Leaders with one 9-2 Armor Leader
R2 = R1 & Add an 8-1 Armor Leader to the German units that enter on Turn 1
R1 = German Turn 3 reinforcements enter on Turn 2

G1 = In SSR 5, change “Plentiful” to “Scarce”
G2 = G1 & Add an ATR to the initial Russian OB, and exchange the Russian 7-0 Leader for one 9-1 Leader
G3 = G2 & And the Russian Turn 3 reinforcements enter on Turn 2

BFP95 Obian Highway
R3 = R2 & The Russian Reinforcements arrive on Turn 3
R2 = R1 & Delete one Russian 2-3-7 and the Russian MMG
R1 = The Germans are Elite for Special Ammunition (C8.2)

G1 = Delete the German 9-1 Armor Leader
G2 = G1 & The Russian may Battle Harden three MMCs
G3 = G2 & Delete one Pz IVH from the German OB

Round 5 - Polish on the Attack

WCW1 Will To Fight … Eradicated
G3 = G2 & Change 29 VPs to 32 VPs in the VC
G2 = G1 & Add one 4-5-7 squad to the Polish at start OB
G1 = Change 29 VPs to 30 VPs in the VC

P1 = Change 29 VPs to 28 VPs in the VC
P2 = P1 & Add one 4-4-7 squad to the German turn 2 reinforcements
P3 = P2 & Change 29 VPs to 26 VPs in the VC

FrF26 A Polish Requiem
G3 = G2 and Delete one German PzIIA
G2 = G1 and Add one Polish 4-5-7 to the Turn 2 reinforcements
G1 = Increase the Polish SAN to 4

P1 = Add an ATR to the German OB
P2 = P1 and Delete SSR 3
P3 = P2 and Polish AFV-reinforcements enter on Turn 3 instead of Turn 2

ESG86 BB Gun at the Baby Parade
P3 = P2 & Delete one TKS AFV from the Polish OB
P2 = P1 & Add one 2-4-7 and one LMG to the German OB
P1 = Exhange the German LMG with one MMG

G1 = Add one 8-1 leader to the Polish OB
G2 = G1 & Add one TKS AFV to the Polish OB
G3 = G2 & In the VC change the recuired EVP from 16 to 14

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