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Last updated: September 7, 2012

Scenario Clarifications, Errata and Balance SSR

Tournament SSR: Kindling is NA for all scenarios in A Bridge Too Far 2012.

For all scenarios involving OBA we use the Pleva OBA SSR:
Every time you draw a red card (including the first red card), put it back along with another red card. The battery is never lost due to drawing two red cards. Extra card draw mechanics remain the same.

Tournament SSR: Dug In Tank: In a scenario in which a Dug In Tank appears, unless specifically disallowed by SSR, the dug in tank can set up using HIP. If set up in open ground and the opposing player has a GO KEU with LOS to it, it is placed out unconcealed. Dug In Tanks can never gain concealment and lose it as per the Concealment gain/loss chart for Vehicles. See also O.7 and note that per the sentence under the Order Of Presentation, this rule is considered applicable for all scenarios, not just RB.

Tournament SSR: Rubbling a VC building: Should all or part of a VC building be rubbled, intact remaining portions of that building and the rubbled portion/s of that building are still considered a building for VC purposes. Should a VC building be rubbled in its entirety, then it is still considered a building for VC purposes. If SSR or VC given in a specific scenario specifically addresses this situation, then follow those SSR. Otherwise, this will be the tourney default.

Round 1

AP71 Head in the Noose
Clarification: All SSR2 choices have to be done prior to setup.

J121 Schloss Hemmingstein
Clarification: German forces may setup in hexes 1-8 on board 32 and 2/3-10 on board 50, abiding the other restrictions mentioned.

Round 2

BFP35 Mai Phu
AMD 20 cv TOE should have a 4FP CMG.

Round 3

FrF50 Pavlov's Dogs
Q1: Can the A-T Mine Dogs be created as Reaction Fire? In the Russian Advance Phase too? During Advance Phase, in case there are multiple reachable targets, may the Russian player target any ADJACENT Vehicle?
Yes. Yes. Yes. All those aspects of the T-H Hero rules are not modified, and thus the AT Mine Dogs behave just like T-H Heroes.

Q2: SSR3 specifies that a dog's target is determined by "randomly selecting one" vehicle. Should Random Selection (A.9) be employed, and if so what happens if multiple targets are selected?
A2: Random Selection could be used, but then any ties needs to be rerolled. Whatever method, it should be random and only one target should come out.

Round 5

FrF26 A Polish Requiem
Q: The Polish FT-17C counter (and the Chapter H depiction of the same) shows a 4 FP CMG, while the vehicle listing table suggests that this vehicle has no CMG. For the purpose of this scenario, should the FT-17Cs have a CMG?
A: Yes.

ESG86 BB Gun at the Baby Parade
Clarification: The Germans may not setup on the road network 54Y1-EE5-EE6-Y9-W8 (just within the road network).

Mini-Tournament: Almost There - Germany 1945

J125 Everything is Lost
Clarification: add "(before ordnance smoke)" after "at the start".

AP62 Shouting into the Storm
Clarification; the Russian may conceal the bridge guard ( first sentence SSR 2) but may not setup dummies within two hexes of 2aO10.
Hex 2a K1 is a stream hex.

Mini-Tournament: Early War

FrF53 Raid Into the Reich
Clarification: The Wagons may not move during the scenario.
Clarification: The Poles get as many horse counters as they have units entering as cavalry.

Q: Are the TKs's the 20l or the BMG model?
A: The BMG version.

Arnhem Balance SSR: Replace the Turn one Polish 9-1 leader with one 9-2 leader.

PBP13 Marked for Death
The French AFV are two AMD-35 Panhard Armored Car. [CHw]

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